Haus helps you sell your home yourself

Haus helps you prep your home for sale, fill out the complicated paperwork and get your home on the market.
All of this for only 1% of your sale price.

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How Haus Works

Haus explains and simplifies the selling experience, so you can do it yourself.

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Create your home’s marketing page
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Get personalized guidance and a selling timeline
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Market your home and message buyers privately
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Review, negotiate & accept offers online

You can save up to 5% by using Haus Paying 6% in agent fees may not seem like that much, but it’s often a huge part of a homeowner’s equity. See how the numbers add up. With Haus you pay 1% to sell your home.

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What should I expect from the Haus platform?

What should I expect?

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“There is definitely a need for a new approach to residential real estate.

Haus makes it way easier to sell on my own.”

- Robin, a Haus seller
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