Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

What is Haus?

Haus helps homeowners sell their home and buyers buy a home by providing information, tools and access to experts. We give you what you need so you don’t have to become an expert but can complete your sale successfully and simply.

Is Haus a brokerage, real estate salesperson or otherwise licensed to sell real estate?

No. Haus is a technology platform. Haus doesn’t represent home sellers or home buyers in their transaction. Haus will not provide any real estate brokerage services or legal, financial, tax or accounting advice.

Is Haus my real estate agent?

No. While Haus gives you access to independent real estate agents to ask questions to and get advice, they aren’t your agent. The difference is that we don’t do the things real estate agents must do like physically inspect your property. While we give you information to empower you to decide how to price your home or negotiate an offer, the decisions are in your hands. The agent experts on our site will help you through the process but they are not agents that you are contractually obligated to work with.

Do I have to pay an agent commission when using Haus?

No, but sellers can choose to offer a commission to a buyer’s agent when you list your home. The Haus fee includes access to independent real estate expert guidance throughout the home sale but it’s not an agent commission and those agents don’t represent you in the transaction, you represent yourself.

Don’t I have to use a real estate agent?

No. There is a misconception that you need to hire a real estate agent when buying or selling a home.

Where does Haus operate?

Currently, Haus is available in California. We are expanding soon so sign up to know when we are coming to your city.

Does Haus verify the details of a listing?

No, Haus does not verify the property details for any listing. Haus does not perform any due diligence or investigation regarding to, condition of, or use of the property.

What is included in the Haus platform fee?

The Haus fee covers the use of our platform to manage your home sale, the facilitation of getting your listing on the MLS, access to the disclosure documents and contracts needed for a sale, and expertise and advice from independent agent experts.

Can I cancel my Haus listing?

Yes. You can cancel your listing at any time. If it isn’t live you can just walk away and never ask us to publish it with no obligation. Once your listing is live on you can still cancel at anytime. If you take the home off the market you don’t owe us anything. If you cancel Haus and then accept an offer for your home within 30 days of canceling the listing, we will charge the 1% Haus fee out of escrow.


Who can create a listing on Haus?

The legal owner of a home or someone with the legal power to represent the owner can create a listing for that home on The person or entity listed on the property deed must sign the documents for the home to be listed on Haus.

How is selling with Haus different than selling with an agent?

Selling with Haus means you’ll save more money (thousands to tens of thousands of dollars) on your home sale while getting access to tools and the experts you need to do it all online. If you sell with an agent, typically you have a multi-month listing agreement with them obligating you to pay them 5-6% in commission. The agent can market your home, negotiate on your behalf and they have a fiduciary responsibility to you. However, at the end of the sale you will pay out thousands of dollars to them for all their services.

Have people successfully sold using Haus?

Yes they have! We are busy writing up their stories right now but we will be able to share more about them very soon. In the meantime please ask us for more details.

What do I have to do to sell my home using Haus?

Haus will give you resources to help you prepare for your home sale. When you’re getting closer to selling (~30 days out) you will need to gather the information about your home and we will take you through a few questions to help you create a unique marketing page for your home. With the click of a button you can publish on Haus and syndicate it on the MLS and Zillow. You will need to fill out the mandatory and common regional disclosure forms, which we provide online for you. Once the listing is published you can begin accepting offers through Haus.

Does Haus do all the marketing of the home for me?

Haus will help get you on the MLS as part of our services, but you may want to do additional marketing for your home. Haus can provide guidance and templates for this, but you will be executing the marketing plans on your own.

Do you assist in showing the house?

Yes! We can have Haus hosts that are available to help with showings and open houses. The hosts are not real estate agents so they can't answer questions about the home, but they can let buyers in and be there during the visit for security. More info on Haus Hosts

What happens if I need professional help with something during the process of selling my home?

We work with independent agents, brokers, and legal professionals who are available to you at any stage in the process. You can chat with them through our platform or set up a call. While we provide these services, we are not a brokerage and don’t provide brokerage service and won’t represent you in a sale.

Do you provide services (photography, 3D virtual tour service, staging etc) on your website?

We do not provide this directly on our website, but we can connect you to resources or companies that can help you.

What happens when I start getting offers? Does Haus help me with that?

You can manage all offers through Haus.

What can prospective buyers see when they’ve submitted an offer?

Buyers, and their agents, can see the status of their offer and the number of offers that have been submitted. They can also access their offer to review it or withdraw it.


What happens if I have questions about the home?

You click “Contact Seller” on the listing page on Haus. There you will have the ability to securely message the seller and ask any questions you have about the home. All your messages will be stored so you can use them for reference later.

How do I schedule a showing?

You click “Contact Seller” on the listing page on Haus. There you will have the ability to securely message the seller to schedule a time to see the home.

How does an offer get submitted for a home using the platform?

You click “Make an Offer” on the listing page on Haus and then you get access to the Haus Property Purchase Agreement. When you fill the contract you can upload it and it gets automatically sent to the seller.

What feedback should I expect from the seller after I submit my offer?

You will immediately be able to see that your offer has been submitted and then you’ll be notified of any change of status. The seller can accept, reject or counter your offer.

How do I change the price or a term of my offer through Haus?

When you want to make any changes to your offer, just go ahead and upload any documents and the seller will receive them.

How do I find out if the seller has accepted another offer?

Once the seller has signed a Property Purchase Agreement with another buyer, the status of the home will change on Haus to in contract. This doesn’t mean the home has sold so your offer may still have a chance as a backup offer. When the sale has closed the status will change to sold.

What if I change my mind about wanting to buy the home?

Offers can be withdrawn at any point prior to being accepted by the seller.

Who can submit an offer for a home posted on Haus?

Offers can be submitted directly by the buyer or on their behalf by a licensed real estate salesperson acting under the authority of a licensed real estate broker.
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