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Tell us about your home

You give us some descriptive info about your home to start the listing page.


Get ready to sell

We give you personalized to-dos. You clean up and declutter, and get pictures taken.


Prep and inspect

You gather the details about your home and and fill out the disclosures. We can provide the documents.


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Publish your home

When you’re ready, your home goes live on & the MLS. (This is when you sign a commitment to pay 1% at closing).

Social media

Share your listing

You share your custom link with neighbors and online.

For sale

Show it off

You host open houses and private showings to buyers. We’ll send you brochures and For Sale signs.


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In hand

Buyers submit offers

Buyers submit offers on our platform and you are notified via email so you can review immediately.


Review & compare

You can review & compare offers on


Negotiate & select

You can counter offers, privately message buyers, and accept an offer.