How It Works

Making and Accepting Offers

  • Seller's Agent Posts a Property

    The seller's agent posts the home on Haus and specifies the minimum offer price, asking price and offer rules

  • Buyer Follows the Property

    The buyer and buyer's agent sign up on Haus to follow the sale of the property and get notified when new offers are made

  • Preparing an Offer

    Offline, the buyer and agent prepare an offer contract and supporting documents, the same as they normally would

  • Making an Offer

    The buyer's agent uploads the signed contract, supporting docs, and provides Haus the offer details. The buyer confirms and the offer is submitted

  • Offer Submission

    Once an offer is submitted, the seller and their agent are notified. They, the buyer and buyer's agent get access to the price and terms of all submitted offers

  • Seller Response

    At any time, the seller can accept an offer, reject it, do nothing or broadcast a message to all buyers. The agents can still discuss the offer as they normally would

  • Improving an Offer

    Once submitted, a buyer can improve the price and terms of their offer within the platform as often as they want, even responding to changes in other offers

  • Seller Accepts an Offer

    If the seller chooses to accept an offer, they accept the legally binding original contract and the addenda generated on Haus during the offer process

  • Accepted Offer

    Once an offer is accepted, the selected buyer is notified, other offers are rejected and the agents move the transaction to escrow off of Haus

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Submitting an Offer
(For Agents)

  • Prepare the Offer

    First check listing page for offer instructions including the documents and information the seller requested for the listing.
    Prepare the required documents with your client offline, making sure they are signed and ready to be uploaded.

  • Visit the Listing Page on Haus

    To submit the offer visit the page for the listing and click the "Start Your Offer Now" button. You'll create an account on Haus at this point, if you haven't already.

  • Follow the On-Screen Steps

    You will be taken through a step-by-step process guiding you to submit the offer documents and input the relevant information about the offer.

  • Double-Check Everything

    Review the offer to make sure it matches the offer exactly. If everything is correct, continue to signing. Keep in mind that if the offer doesn't meet the minimum price (if set), it won't be submitted.

  • Sign the Haus Platform Agreement

    Electronically sign the Haus Buyer Platform Agreement. Your client will then be notified and prompted to log in/create their Haus account and sign the Agreement. Once it's signed and the offer submitted, you and your client will get access to the price and terms of any other offers.

  • Compare Offers

    Other buyers and anyone following the property will be notified, via text and/or email, that an offer has been submitted. Those who have submitted an offer can log in to to see the price and terms.

  • Improve Your Offer

    You can update your offer on using the same step-by-step process from earlier. When you modify the price or terms Haus will generate an addendum to the original offer, so you may not need to upload any documents. Once you and your client have reviewed and electronically signed the addendum, the improved offer is submitted.

  • Seller Can Accept An Offer

    The Seller can choose to accept an offer at any time, even before the stated planned decision date. If and when they do, all buyers, their agents and followers are notified that an offer was accepted.

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