How much does Haus cost?

Sellers pay 1% of their accepted home sale price to list their home on Haus. This is paid out during the escrow process only when your home sells.

Paid during escrow, only if your home sells.
Traditional agent
Agent fees are the largest expense of your home sale.

All of this is included

There is no charge to get started.
You commit to paying when you publish your listing.

Expert support

Expert Support

Haus works with independent real estate experts who are available to give you personalized advice on your home sale.
Manage documents

The Paperwork

Haus provides the documents you need for your transaction from offer documents to disclosures.
Compare negotiate

Online Offer Management

You can review and negotiate the offers online. You can accept, counter or decline the buyer’s offer with a few clicks of a button.
Help prepping

Help Prepping Your Home

You’ll get personalized advice for preparing your home for sale from improving your pictures to writing a good home descripton.

How much will you save with Haus?

Use the calculator to see the estimated total costs of selling your home with a traditional agent vs. selling with Haus.

You save
Total costs
Agent commission
Total costs